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Tea Cup and Saucer

Our Story

Honoring Tea - the land, the people who nurture the tea and the tea drinking experience 

Thank you for your interest in Tangletown Tea.  Like most great things in life they evolve over time and with many windy beautiful turns. As you can imagine, I love tea. I appreciate the art of manufacturing it, the various and unique regions it is grown, the farmers and all people who manage tea along the way to being a drinkable product and the experience tea supports.  Every aspect of tea feels very natural and deeply nourishing.  

During the recent two years (you know, covid) of mostly home bound living/working,  I experimented with cold brewing tea.  I took the advice of many who advocate for the slow (8+hours) of gently extracting the flavor and nutrients from full leaf tea leaves to create a smooth and delicious cup of iced tea.  Being empty nesters, with gallons of extra, I shared my tea in mason jars with neighbors and friends who seemed to really like it!

Soooo....along with an interest in shifting gears form a mostly administrative line of work, I started day dreaming about a way to offer cold brew tea to many.  My image included a yellow and white striped awning above a hole in the wall as Flagstaffonians and visitors skipped over to get a great tea.  However - there is a fun twist.


I was at the gym with my best pal and we overheard another exerciser talk about plans to redo a downtown shop using all local vendors.  I took the opportunity to admit to eaves dropping and got more information about this new shop plan.  I barely finished saying I was putting together a tea business plan and she said, "We are looking for someone to do tea!"  It was a most serendipitous moment!  (Thank you Heather, John and Abby!)  So, since the summer of 2021 I have been making cold brew tea for MIX in Old Town Shops and also selling hot tea, matcha, London Fog and packaged loose leaf.  It has been a wonderful way to see what customers like and grow the business.  I hope to make Tangletown Tea easier to obtain through this website and to offer, not only a treat for yourself, but a special and personalized way to give a gift.  Have fun shopping and please reach out anytime with special requests or ideas.  Most of all, I hope you too, can feel nourished by the simple joy of sipping tea in peace or with the ones you love.  

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